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Grobest COVID-19 Statement
COVID-19 Pandemic is an unprecedented challenge to personal life and businesses in recent decades. 
Aquaculture, which has been enjoying high demand and growth in the past decades, attributes to its superior quality of protein and sustainability of the industry, is experiencing tremendous impacts from supply chain disruptions and the sudden demand crash from customers all over the world due to the lockdowns.

Grobest, roots in Asia, has seen a couple of crises in the regions from either the financial one in 1998 or pandemic like SARS in 2003.  Those experiences have prepared us to stay alert and be vigilant in responding to the challenges like this one.  Since early on of the outbreak, contingency task forces in our headquarters as well as all subsidiary companies were up and running.

Working guidelines and preventive gears like masks, hands sanitizers, thermometers and other related resources were deployed to protect the hygiene, health and wellbeing of our employees and visitors at our workplaces.  We are grateful and thankful that as of today, all 3500 Grobest employees are reporting to work healthily.

This in turn to the greatest extend possible ensuring normal operation in all our companies in Asia and Greater China.  It also keeps our role in supplying essential and high quality feeds to support the continuity of the aquaculture production in food value chain amidst the threat of food security.

Despite the challenges from the supply chains disruption and the panic of missing demand, Grobest saw a solid and satisfactory growth in last few months year on year.  Thanks to the support of customers and devoted employees to make the disrupted environments from all aspects as smooth as possible.  The challenge of COVID-19 is not over yet, we shall keep working together to tackle it.

At present, while many countries are undergoing lockdown or curfew, our mission to “Improve the health and growth of all aquatic animals around the world with advanced nutrition” has become even more imminent when meeting farmers face to face for support is a challenge.

Unfortunately, aquatic diseases have not been locked down or curfewed, EHP, WSSV and SHIV etc. are still wreaking havoc to shrimp farmers.
Grobest employees, particularly technical service team, are trying everything they can, to carry on our mission through mobile technology or webinar to stay close to farmers and support their farming with our premium formulation quality feeds and functional feeds to have disease reduction effects and superb growth rate.