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Grobest Celebrates 20 Years of Remarkable Contribution to Sustainable Aquaculture in Vietnam

Can Tho City, 27th July 2020


Grobest Vietnam is celebrating 20th anniversary, marking an important milestone in its continual commitment to feeding the world through the development of innovative products supporting safe and sustainable aquaculture.

Founded in Taiwan in 1974, Grobest has maintained a leading position in the research and development of natural, antibiotic-free feed products for environmentally friendly and sustainable aquaculture. Its continual success has seen it grow into a company of over 3,500 employees, with offices and operations throughout Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Malaysia. With solid foundation in Asia, Grobest is ready to further expand around the world.

In celebration of its 20th anniversary, Grobest Vietnam is thrilled to introduce its new brand identity and innovative products researched and developed by experts using latest technologies, which shall bring Grobest Vietnam as a solution provider for shrimp farmers to produce shrimp under challenging times and conditions.

Respecting nature for healthy aquaculture


Though confronted by soaring demand for food due to rapid growth of world population and scarcity of natural resource, Grobest persists with the ideal of “respecting the nature for healthy aquaculture” which reflects through Grobest’s new identity and its new vision, mission and core values:


To feed the world by improving health and growth of aquatic species through advanced nutrition.


To become the leading global feed producer for shrimp and high value warm water species.

Core Values
  • Innovation: We apply creativity in problem-solving and challenge the status quo.
  • Integrity: We firmly adhere to codes of conduct and ethical principles.
  • Sustainability: We decide and act persistently to achieve economic, environmental and societal benefits for the long term.
  • Collaboration: We cooperate and treat with dignity and respect others to accomplish common goals.

Outstanding innovative products


When developing formulas, Grobest pay more attention to the health of the aquatic animals rather than merely nutrition supply, which most aquatic feeds can do. The health of aquatic animals rely on drug-free and sustainable farming. For decades, Grobest has dedicated itself in developing natural feed additives to improve the immune systems of aquatic animals, helping them fight against external changes and challenges from all kinds of diseases as well as pathogens. Grobest believes the nature of Harmony theory, healthy animals thrive on healthy guts which require not only care of internal health but also external environment control, both are indispensable factors.

  • Premium Feed Products - Grobest has researched and developed more than 20 different aquatic feeds, providing a full range of aquatic feed products that cater to different functions and needs such as Vanamei, Nice, Vista.
  • Functional Feed Products - In pursuit of more sustainable development for the aquaculture industry, Grobest has developed various functional additives inhouse with different properties based on the gut health and optimum nutrition. Thanks to a variety of compound formulas, Grobest can produce a wide range of functional feeds, so that feeds are no longer simply the result of nutrients calculation and instead become multi-functional to improve well-being and immunity. Some of the most highlighted products are The best, Hi Weigain, Supper Shield.

About Grobest


In Grobest’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) committee, it is Grobest’s goal to internalize sustainable management into daily operation. Grobest is dedicated in the development of alternative ingredients to better protect the environment. Grobest also implements various policies to reduce energy consumption, protect biodiversity and contribute to ecological conservation. Saving the planet is on top of Grobest’s priority.


In the 20th anniversary event, Grobest is also sending gratitude to all Grobest’s stakeholders and shrimp farmers, who have been supporting the company all those years, through special loyalty and promotion schemes.


Founded in 1974 and headquartered in Taiwan, Grobest has operations in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia. Grobest is also a pioneer and technological leader in an array of innovative and differentiated functional feed products, focusing on preventing and combating diseases as well as increasing yields. Furthermore, the company provides a full range of services and technical support to aquafarmers throughout Asia, including pond maintenance, water treatment, as well as soil and disease examination.